Potty Training....Aaaaah!

Have I mentioned that I HATE potty training children?? I guess that's one of those that could just remain un-spoken & everyone just sympathizes. Well, Adelaide will be 3 on July 1st. I have tried training her 2 other times & she just was not ready. I am convinced that she is ready to use the potty, but she is being stubborn.

Our last attempt consisted of going through 12 - yes, 12 pairs ouf panties in about 5 hours before I "gave up". This morning, I woke her up very excited, trying to pass the excitement on to her. (We've been talking about going in the potty a lot lately.) I took her diaper off & we sat in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. Nothing. No action -AT ALL. So, we picked panties & put them on & went down to have breakfast. I had to get Allison up & change her. And before I got down the stairs, Adelaide had already peed on her stool & was in the bathroom trying to sit (in vain) on the potty. So, we cleaned up & had breakfast. I have been asking her every 5-10 minutes if she needs to go potty. No...No...No... Yeah, well she went again in her panties (accident #2). Then, she was dry for a long time. She even sat on the potty several times. I can't really tell if she really doesn't have to go. Or she's scared? Or stubborn?? Or not ready, still?? She probably sat on the potty 4-5 times after accident #2 in about 2-2 1/2 hours. Then (of course), right after she gets off, she goes into the other room & freaks because she is peeing. Aaaahh!!

I just have to keep telling myself that she's only on her 4th pair of underwear & we're at the 5 hour mark now. What's the worst? - We try another day??


Sweetie, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes its easier to change another diaper. I guarantee you, she will figure it out. Do not worry, do not stress, just breathe deep and count to 100 about 20 times. She will get there. It sounds like she is ready, she just hasn't figured out what that need to go "feeling" means, yet. She will though, I promise. Have a Snickers bar, it'll help you, if not her. LOL Or a brownie whatever floats your boat.

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