Pool & Park Fun

Lots to blog today. I've been so preoccupied with the potty-training (which is going OK, not great), that I haven't had a chance to put together any pics. Well, here are some pics from the pool on Monday. A friend of mine took some really cute ones. Thanks Joy!You can see the little girls jumping off the side. - The water is only 1.5 ft deep (at the deepest) in this area, but you'd think they were preparing to jump off into the deepest water. Too cute. You'll notice that there aren't any pics of Adam. Well, yesterday & apparently Monday too, Adam "disappeared". This is fine. I'm glad he had fun. He just didn't want to hang out with the girls in the more-shallow parts of the pool. Monday, there were tons of people from our ward. Yesterday, he just went off & "found" some friends. He had a good time. We all did. My friend & I took the kids yesterday, and our husbands came over after work. I had forgotten that swimming tires you out so much. I was exhausted. - I think everyone was.

On Monday, we also had an end-of-the-school-year picnic. It wasn't really a "Ward-Sponsored" activity, but there were mostly (if not all) people from church. It was fun. - Lots & LOTS of kids. Everyone was supposed to bring lunch for themselves & something to share. I decided to take a shortcut. I went to Sam's Club & got some veggies. Then picked up hot dogs, pizza, & pretzels (what my kids wanted) to eat for lunch. It was nice not to have to make the sandwiches & I knew they would eat.
Adam is at a funny age. - It's soooo much more fun to be (let's face it) anywhere but with your family. That is, if there's anyone else but the family to choose from. At home, he will whine that he has "no one to play with". Poor guy. He did have an excellent time playing at the park, and so did the girls. Allison absolutely loved the slides. I situated myself at the park, so I could sit & talk to MY friends & still watch for the girls on the humongous playground. Allison, of course, had to stay put in the stroller. I have - OK, HAD a pen clipped to my purse. It was closed when I noticed Allison pulling on it.
The next thing I knew, she had pen all over her face. "Where was your mother!?! Why didn't she stop you??" Oh well, it washes off, right? It's my own fault.


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