Life...or something similar

OK, it's been a little crazy around here the past few days. Friday, Bryan & I went on a double date with our friends, Syndy & Chris. We had a good time. We had a good time hanging out without our kids for a few hours. Saturday, Chris & the kids came over in the morning while I went to a meeting at their house with Syndy (did I mention she's our YW Pres.?). After our meeting, Syndy & I stopped by the store to get some groceries to take home (my home) for lunch. Then, we went shopping a little. I got a couple of new outfits.

Monday & Tuesday, Adam attended Cub Scout Day Camp. He had loads of fun! They stamped designs in a leather wristband. He got to swim. He was very impressed with being able to shoot a bb-gun. And he really enjoyed archery, shooting the bow & arrow. He was suppossed to go again today, but he is running a fever. Bummer... I think it may just be going through our house in the last few days. Allison was running a fever Sunday afternoon/evening. Amelia was last night... and now, Adam. If I think about it, Adelaide was VERY crabby Sunday, maybe she wasn't feeling well either. Hopefully, we are done & this is as bad as it gets this time.

As for potty-training... well, let's just say that I haven't given-up yet.
Adelaide is stubborn & doesn't want to sit long enough to relax & let things happen. I just can't handle the whining. Why do girls cry SO much?? But really, she is doing pretty well. She's having fewer accidents. Many of the ones she is having are during her 3rd or 4th time in the bathroom in a 10 minute time frame. Please tell me it gets better!?! Great... I still have to do all this ONE MORE TIME with Allison. Aaah Man!


Just repeat the following phrase..."This too shall pass." 80) AND "At least I haven't been vomited on today."
Detta said…
Okay, i retract the last comment...I didn't know that Adelaide was in the potty training mode!!

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