Laurel High Adventure 2008

This weekend, I had a great time! We (our YW Presidency) took our Laurels to Chicago. We had a blast. We left about 2pm on Friday & drove the 2+ hours to the city. We spent some time in Millenium park. We got to see "the bean" (The Cloud Gate) & the fountains.
Some of the girls ended up soaked from playing in the fountain. At first, they were just splashing. Then, then they decuded they could take a picture that "looked" like they were laying in the water.
Well, things evolved & before we knew it, these 4 were SOAKING wet.
Of course, once they were wet, they decided to all hug the 4 of us leaders. Aren't they sweet?
We then watched a concert on the lawn & had our picnic dinner. We were a bit loud & disruptive with the grape-fight and all the laughing.
One thing we noticed, was all of the people drinking their wine @ the concert. It was a little weird. Being from AZ, having an open container of alcohol in public is a No-No. It was odd that everyone around us was drinking, but we were the loud, crazy ones. (Our group also contained 6 rather hyper teenage girls)
We spent the night at Ni-Ni's house (Sharon's grandma). She had ice cream & cookies for us. She was great & sincerely enjoyed having us all there. She was so sweet & I think the girls really liked her too. We spent a few hours playing some games & goofing around, before the girls finally turned off the light about 1:45am. I know this, because I opted to sleep on the couch in the same room where they were all crashing on the floor. And what "slumber party" would be complete without a little "beauty shop"?? I brought my nice hair straightener & it made the rounds. Here is A doing Sharon's hair.Saturday morning, A's phone alarm went off at around 6am. Well, I guess that was our cue to get up. Most of the girls wanted to get up & get shopping. Ni-Ni made us a wonderful breakfast. There was an egg bake, muffins, coffee cake, ham, fruit and toast & jam. And, of course, there was milk, water and 2 kinds of juices to choose from. What a wonderful hostess. After leaving Ni-Ni's house, we went back downtown to Michigan Ave. We ended up splitting into 2 groups & shopping a bit before making our way over to Navy Pier. We had lunch & made our way home. I had a really good time. I hope the other leaders & the girls enjoyed themselves also. I think it was good for the girls to bond with each other & us in a different atmosphere.


WOW!!! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!! Can Ni-Ni come make me breakfaast. Seriously it sounds delish!!
Genny said…
Ah. I miss those girls. Loud and crazy, but likeable as all get out. How are you doing, eh? I think you are an amazing blogger, Kim. Your site is very attractive and interesting.

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