Kids say the Funniest Things

OK, so we went Father's Day shopping last night. We went to the mall and returned some stuff at both Walmart & Meijer. Well, the girls got a sticker on the way in to Walmart & on the way out of Walmart. Adelaide lost her sticker (who knows where), and I thought she was talking about it on the way home. (It's funny how sometimes they speak clearly & your amazed at what they come up with. And sometimes, the more you respond the more irritated they get at YOUR lack of understanding.) At least, I thought she was talking about her sticker on her foot. Apparently, she was talking about the "tickle" on her foot. Well, I finally figured that out & told her to leave her shoe on and that she could scratch it when she got home. "No mom, I have a tickle. I will tickle it at home." Then she went on to talk with Amelia about how she had recently fallen down and gotten a scratch & it was bleeding. It's just funny, I couldn't explain to her that the irritation she felt was also called an itch & she wanted to scratch it. Because, "a scratch is a ow-ie that has bleed, mom".


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