The Great Potty Tour

We (Adam, Amelia, Adelaide & I) went shopping last night. Mind you, Adelaide "went" before we left the house. We were gone for (maybe) about 2-1/2 hours. We went to the mall & had to go straight to the mall bathroom. Where, Amelia "went" & Adelaide was dry. Next, we went to Kohls. While we were there, we had to make another dry trip to the bathroom. Then, we had a cookie from Mrs.Fields & made ANOTHER dry trip to the mall bathroom. We went to walmart & Adelaide says she has to go. Nothing. We do our shopping & again, she seems like it's urgent that she needs to go. Amelia goes. Adelaide does not. We get to Meijer & pick up most of our items & I ask her if she still needs to go. She says, "No. I mean, Yes." So, finally she goes. Crazy! When we got home, it was bedtime. One of us told her to go try going again. She couldn't. Duh, that's fine. But, she got out of bed probably 3 or 4 times saying she needed to go. Aaaahhh! Smart little girl - manipulative much??


Sounds like you spent a lot of time in the bathroom. 80) Is it getting any better?
Detta said…
It sounds a lot like a urinary tract infection that makes you feel like you have to go constantly yet can't produce anything. Have her checked before you attribute it to manipulation. Love your blog site. Aunt Detta

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