Day #3 and/or "Pool Plans"

Well, we're doing OK, I guess. I think we're probably going to un-do all of our progress today. Allison has a Dr. appointment this morning, so I'm putting Adelaide in a pull-up. And, later today, we're going to the pool with friends. That should be fun. Bryan took the kids to the pool on Monday, but I went to the dentist. State Farm Park has a great pool. There's a splash area, a zero-depth baby pool, a small slide, a lazy river, diving boards, and a hot tub area. I guess the snack bar/grill area is actually reasonably priced also. I'm looking forward to it. I figure we'll take Bry's stuff & if we're up for staying that long, he can meet us after work. It's definitely going to be an adventure taking my 4 kids & my friend with her 3 kids. - It should be fun!


Syndy said…
You worry too much! See ya at 1:00
It sounds like you will have tons of fun!!! Enjoy!! Smile!!! Relax!!! You will have all summer to work on Adelaide. Play and have fun and smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to. 80)

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