Children's Discovery Museum

Friday, I took the kids to the children's museum here in town. We met Syndy & the kids and brought a lunch with us to eat while we were there. I like to start out on the 3rd floor and work our way down to the ground floor. That way, I don't have to play with everything on the first floor for a 2nd time before leaving. The girls really like the 3rd floor, especially the painting wall.
It's great! They put on little smocks & paint on the window. There's usually a line, but we must have come on a good day. Mia & Adelaide just went right on in... No waiting. Like I said, they LOVE the Paint Wall! I asked them several times if they wanted to do other things, but they told me "No-" and to "Go away mom."
Can you see the mess she has made of her paints? Poor Adelaide is still having trouble remembering to rinse her brush between colors.
The girls like "cleaning-up" their masterpieces almost as much as they like painting them. Just give 'em a squigee & a spray bottle, and they're happy as clams...
While the girls painted, Adam played with the legos a bit before playing an interesting game of checkers with K. Adam moved twice in a single turn & tried jumping over multiple pieces. I asked him what he was doing. His answer was that it was the "fast way to play". I replied that it was "the Cheater way to play" and asked if dad taught him. After explaining & showing the 2 of them a few moves, I went back to Allison who was LOVING the legos.

Of course, she can't make them stick together, but this didn't stop her from trying. She knew what you were suppossed to do. She was also having a blast bringing blocks to Syndy, offering them to her, and then running away with them. She thought she was SO funny.
We then went down to the 2nd floor, where they have some tables set up for people to eat. We ate our lunch. It was great... Syndy & I chatted while we finished lunch & watched the kids play.

Finally, we made it to the 1st floor. There are lots of things to do and play with: the dolls & dollhouse furniture, toy trains, water play area (which was closed), toddler area and a market complete with shopping carts, cash registers, play food and a cafe area.
Adelaide really likes the market. She loves to "shop" and even enjoys re-stocking the shelves.
I spent most of my time on the 1st floor in the toddler play area. Allison loves climbing the stairs & sliding on the slide. She was feeling more independent & was excited to climb ALL over.
In the toddler area, there is a little hexagon-shaped tunnel. The inside is all mirrors. I had Adam block Allison & I tried to get her to crawl through the tunnel to me. I got some really cute pics of her. She even seems amused by the mirrors.

She was not happy, though, when I pulled her into the tunnel. She would not even move. I guess the mirrors do give a wierd effect of "floating".


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