Busy... Busy... Busy...

Why is it that I am not really doing anything, but I STILL don't feel like I have any time?? Crazy, I know I am. Today, I decided to go ahead & blog some more. I've got a few things.

Friday, the kids & I met Syndy & the kids at the children's museum. (That's another post.)

Saturday, Bryan & I took the kids to see "Kung Fu Panda". They really liked it. Everyone was good, except that Allison got really antsy & restless toward the end. After the movie, we went home & let her take a nap for an hour or so, then we went to the pool. It was fun. Amelia was excited to show daddy the things she's practicing in swim lessons. Adelaide is super-jealous & wants to go to. Adelaide had a bast in the water & is getting more and more comfortable.

Sunday was church with the normal craziness of getting ready & out the door.

Yesterday (Monday), I helped Adam clean his room (ug!). It was VERY messy. The last few times he cleaned his room, he shoved it under the bed or piled it anywhere so it was off the floor. Needless to say, he was less-than-thrilled when I scraped & dumped stuff from where it was stashed. I still need to clean up the playroom...yay??

The kids and I met the Clarks at the splash-park today to play in the water. I guess I should back-up & tell you that at about 4:30 am I woke straight up to a humongous crack of thunder. I'm a pretty sound sleeper, too. It was so noisy... There was TONS of thunder & lightning, and it was raining pretty good too. I am suprised that the kids didn't all wake up. They didn't even get out of bed until 8am. It pretty much stopped raining & looked like it was drying up, so we decided to go to the park despite the gray, cloudy skies. The kids had fun, but we only stayed for about an hour. It was getting windy & ugly, so we decided to go.


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