The Saga of a Chia Princess

Amelia got a Chia Kitty for christmas... She asked several times for a chia pet after seeing the commercials on TV. In January, it took FOREVER for the Chia to sprout. It probably took 10-14 days for it to sprout, let alone grow in full & lush. We almost thought the seeds were dead, but then decided it was more likely because it was too cold. This time, the Chia Kitty sprouted in only about 48 hours. Here are some cute pics.
You have to prepare the seeds & soak the Chia for 24 hours. Mia was SO excited when I submerged the Chia in a big container of water. "We're gonna do my Chia pet again!?!"

Then, there are pics of her helping to spread the seeds. It's kind of gross. They are suspended in this gell-stuff that is reminiscent of "snot". It's all very gooey & drippy. The pics of the Chia are right after we finished (I thought it just looked cool with the seeds in the little grooves). Then one 2 days later when I realized it had ALREADY sprouted. Last, there is one of a pretty full-grown Chia Kitty. I think it's funny how its coat is "leaning" to one side. Can you tell which side was facing the window??


Anonymous said…
My kids have wanted to try these...heck I wanted to too. I should just buy one for them it looks pretty easy.
Jesmyluk said…
I love that it is growing in the direction of the sun. LOL That's what my houseplants do too. I am constantly having to turn them. LOL I am normal. (Well sort of)

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